Do you want te rent a group home in Tyrol?

Group home rentals - 7 important tips

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Tip 1. Book early and start planning in time!

Group houses are booked earlier and earlier. Travelling to Tyrol with a group and renting a big holiday home is booming! Early booking guarantees that you still have choices and can book a good home for your group.
If you are looking for a group accommodation for a special week, such as New Year or Carnival, you should hire very early. These weeks are often already booked 12 months before arrival. High season is also July and August and Easter. Then it's important to be book early.

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Tip 2: Watch out!

Never, but really never book through a website without an address and phone number. You certainly are not the first to be cheated. Be suspicious of very cheap offers that you know are almost impossible. Call in case of doubt and request further information!

Tip 3: Fits the equipment?

If you're out all day, and the big vacation home is actually just for sleeping, maybe just a simple group accommodation with shared rooms is what you want. But would you like something more luxurious?

Maybe a sauna, a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher. Perhaps billiards or a football table? Of course, a holiday home with more options costs more than a simpler house. Everything is possible, you just have to think about it.

Tip 4: Does the holiday home really suit at your group?

What needs are there? A group of 18 people does not mean that 18 beds are sufficient. Maybe some one prefers a single room. Then you may need more bedrooms. How many baths does the house have? When you get older you often prefer a private bath, etc ...

Tip 5: Did you find the ideal house for your group?

Pay close attention to the price. What is included? Are reservation costs, cleaning costs, tourist tax etc. already included? What about the energy costs? Is there still something to pay at your stay? How is the deposit returned?

Tip 6: Which ski resort suits your group?

What is the composition of the group? Are children there? Can everyone already ski? Or are all beginners? Is it a mixed group? Which ski resort is suitable? Is the group well mixed? Then maybe a ski resort with a wide selection of slopes with blue, red and black slopes is a good idea. Perhaps a big house the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental fits.

Tip 7: Read the reviews and comments.

Is the description great and are the pictures great? But there are only bad reviews? Then something may not be right, so be careful.

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