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Do you sometimes dream of living in a luxury villa somewhere far away, getting away from it all? At Ferienhaus-Tirol that dream becomes reality. With thousands of accommodations, chalets, holiday homes, group houses and flats in Austria, you can always enjoy everything Austria has to offer!

On winter sports in Austria

Have no idea where you want to go, but you know you want to go on winter sports? Plenty of choice. One of the most famous ski resorts in Austria is Mayrhofen (located in the Zillertal). It is a real winter sports village with almost one hundred and fifty kilometres of slopes! Mayrhofen is centrally located in the heart of Tyrol and is becoming increasingly popular among winter sports enthusiasts.
But Saalbach Hinterglemm is also a great destination for winter sports. With over 270 kilometres of slopes, this ski area is in the top 3 largest ski areas in Austria. And also highly recommended: Westendorf. We do recommend checking whether the areas are snow-assured - Westendorf in particular is quite low for a ski area - but beautiful they all are.

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The holiday fun starts when you start looking for a flat via Why, you ask? Because with us you don't have to scroll endlessly until you have found what you are looking for. Using the filters on the left, you can easily check and uncheck your preferences. We have thousands of properties available, but by using your personal preferences, we make a selection for you. That way, picking flats in Austria is a real treat.

You can make fairly general selections, for example in which period you want to go on holiday, what your destination is and how many people you are with. But that's not all, of course: you can also choose the type of accommodation you want to stay in. What will it be: a holiday home, a flat, bungalow, chalet, country house, villa, farmhouse or tent lodge? Ferienhaus-Tirol has suitable accommodation for every type of holidaymaker with every type of budget.

You can even select the location of your ideal flat. So you can choose a detached flat, you can decide whether or not you want to stay in a holiday park, but also whether your flat should be by the ski slope, in the mountains (higher than 1+ kilometre), by the water or simply in a beautiful spot in nature. Now we are already getting closer to your ideal holiday flat in Austria!

Winter sports lovers, make your choice: how far are you willing to walk to a ski lift? Do you want to be able to roll from the après-ski café to your flat or are you fine with walking a bit? You can select distances from 100 metres to 50 kilometres (not that we advise you to walk the whole way, of course).

Lots of choice

By now you should have been able to make your way through our offerings, but you still have a wide range left. Time to really separate the wheat from the chaff; now we will go into the details. You select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want and then tick off the individual features of your flat. What do you find important about your flat in Austria? Is your pet coming along, should there be a washing machine or dishwasher, do you like to relax in a sauna or a jacuzzi after a long day on the long skis - tick it! 

The options are:

  • Smoke- or pet-free
  • Is wifi available, is the apartment laptop-friendly?
  • Is there a fireplace, cot, sauna or jacuzzi?
  • Appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, TV, air conditioning, barbecue, electric charging point?
  • Smaller appliances: coffee machine, microwave, kettle
  • Is there garden furniture, a (private) swimming pool, an enclosed garden?

We're pretty sure that after checking out all these options, you've managed to find your ideal flat in Austria. Then all that's left is to book it!

Summer holidays in Austria

Austria is a wonderful holiday country. You can go there all year round, whether you are a seasoned winter sportsman or you prefer to put on your mountain boots to go on beautiful hikes in the mountains, Austria is the place to do it. In summer, the climate is very pleasant and mild. If you are not the type who prefers to bake by the pool in the blood heat, Austria might be a better option for you. Lovers of active (summer) holidays have their eye on Austria more and more in recent years. Relatively speaking, it is also not very far away and easy to reach by car. 

It might be hard to think of where exactly in Austria you want to go on holiday. There is so much beauty to see! Although Austria is considered one of Europe's 'smaller' countries, it is still more than twice the size of the Netherlands with plenty of gems to discover. You have many different ski resorts there, such as Mayrhofen, Kitzbühel - Kirchberg, you name it.

Aprés Ski

But, let's face it, when you say Austria, you say Winter Sports! And say winter sports, you say Après-ski. People go to Austria for a good time and a wonderful winter sports holiday, for fine slopes, good food, a good pint of beer, hot chocolate and an amazing view. Via Ferienhaus-Tirol you can book a fantastic flat in Austria in no time.

The flats from Ferienhaus-Tirol

Ferienhaus-Tirol has a huge range of holiday homes, flats, villas, chalets and group homes in this beautiful part of Austria. A great start for a wonderful time in Austria. Jetzt geht's los!