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Westendorf is a cosy village on a sunny plateau in the Brixental. The village is surrounded by the imposing mountain world and beautiful peaks of the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental ski area. In winter, this is a great place for skiing and snowboarding. The choice of pistes is enormous (280 km) so everyone can take their own route. On the mountain, you can meet up again in one of the Alm huts. Relax, chat and eat well before continuing the skiing. For snowboarders and freestylers, the SkiWelt has a wonderful fun park, the "Boarders Playground".

​​​​​​​Cross-country skiers and hikers can also enjoy themselves here. Many trails lead you through the fairytale winter nature along snowy fields, through forests and through picturesque villages. And then in the afternoon head for one of the bars for a splashing après ski.

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Are you looking for a holiday home or flat in Westendorf? The selection of cosy guesthouses and holiday flats is large, so that every holiday wish can be fulfilled. Book the right holiday flat in Westendorf now.

Skiing in 2 large skiing areas

Westendorf is very popular for winter sports, and that is understandable. The cosy city has a unique location in relation to 2 large skiing areas the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental and Kitzbühel & Kirchberg. Off cause there is a connection between the Wilder Kaiser-Brixental and Kitzbühel-Kirchberg via the Ki-West descent and the gondola lift. This allows you to ski in 2 large ski areas: twice the skiing fun!

The Alpenrosenbahn 1 and 2 take you quickly to the 1770 m high Talkaser. From the Talkaser you can continue on the wide slopes to the 1820 metre high Choralpe, the Gampenkogel (1957 metres) and the Fleiding (1892 metres). By the way, the slopes in the area are in general not that steep and therefore soon manageable for the average skier.

Beautiful ski tours
You can make beautiful ski tours in the ski area, for example the Salverunde (12 km), the Kaiserrunde (20 km) and the long Westendorfrunde, this last one has a length of no less than 30 km. Great descents, beautiful skiing and wonderful views: enjoy your skiing holiday in Westendorf to the full.

Snowboarding in Westendorf

Snowboarding in Westendorf includes the Boarders Playground, the fun park in Westendorf. The spacious area consists of 2 parts, one for beginners, advanced boarders have their own part. In the Skiwelt there are also other funparks for snowboarders.

Westendorf Cross Country Skiing
Westendorf has more than 30km of well-groomed cross-country trails, whilst the whole area boasts more than 170km: plenty of challenges for cross-country skiers!

Westendorf snow guaranteed?

Every winter a lot of snow falls in the Brixental, but to support this, there are more than 1400 snow cannons that can always provide snow. This means even more snow in Westendorf.

Westendorf Apres Ski - 10 Tips

Kibo Bar - The Village Pub - Wunderbar - Moskito Bar - In's Moment - Café Bruchstall - Bar-Pub-Lounge Karat - Cafe-Bar Friends - Gerry's Inn - Heidi's Pub

Zomer in Westendorf

In the summer you certainly don't have to get bored either. The area lends itself perfectly to lovely walks or cycle and mountain bike tours through the mountains, along the fields and through the villages. Enjoy the immense peace and quiet and the views or the tinkling of the cowbells that make up the fairytale mountain world. Many routes lead through nature of varying degrees of difficulty.
​​​​​​​You can take the lift to the top for a beautiful tour in higher terrain. In some of the lifts, even bicycles can be taken along. For the children there is also plenty to do. They can experience fun and exciting adventures in the mountains, for example in the Alpinolino Discovery Park.

Hiking in and around Westendorf

Westendorf has been awarded the Austrian 'walking village' label. You can go on fantastic walks here! Leave the stress of everyday life at home, breathe in the healthy mountain air and relax on a lovely hike around Westendorf. Enjoy the wonderful landscape and the beautiful panoramas you will see.

Cycling around Westendorf
​​​​​​​From Westendorf you can discover the Kitzbühler Alpen by bike. Whether it is mountain biking, cycling or touring, it doesn't matter. This region offers plenty of opportunities. There are no less than 1,000 km of signposted routes in the region, at all levels. Discover the beautiful mountain world by bike and enjoy the nature, the beautiful views and let yourself be surprised on the route. It is possible to take the bicycle with you on the mountain railway. There are also various events in this region where cycling enthusiasts will certainly not be bored.

With the children to Westendorf

For the children it's true enjoyment in this beautiful area. There are many things to discover in the woods and on the mountain. Special themed walks lead you through nature, such as the Himmelsteig and the Holzwurmweg, two themed walks with fun, games, excitement and animals.
The Alpinolino discovery park is also great for children. Here it's all about fun and interesting adventures. You will encounter tricky and exciting riddles in the landscape. The Bergbahn Westendorf cable car takes you up the mountain. But Westendorf also offers other activities for children. There is a varied children's programme with great children's nights and Alpinolino children's parties.

Other activities in and around Westendorf
Apart from hiking or cycling, Westendorf offers much more for a wonderful, varied holiday. Boredom is not an option. Amongst other things, you can paraglide in Westendorf. See the world from above and feel free in the air. But there is also a bowling alley, tennis court, minigolf and you can go horseback riding or mountain climbing.

Even more adventure
If you are looking for even more adventure, there are outdoor activities such as canyoning. In suitable equipment, you walk, swim, climb, slide, jump and dive your way through the water through the gorge. Adrenaline kick guaranteed!

Water sports
For other water sports enthusiasts, there are rafting, canoeing and kayaking possibilities. With rafting, you will have an exciting day on the water. If you like the water but find it a bit more peaceful, there are canoe and kayak rental companies. Paddle down not too wild rivers and enjoy the nature from the water.

So relax and enjoy your well-deserved holiday in one of our holiday homes in Westendorf or the Brixental.

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